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Privolzhsky Research Medical University

Welcome to PRMU

Privolzhsky Research Medical University, based in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, recognized as one of the best medical Universities in Russia. As the name suggests, PRMU focuses on a range of medical disciplines.
There are 7 faculties:
  • General medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pediatrics
  • Preventive medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • International medical education
  • Advanced training of specialists
  • Supplementary professional education
The University offers a full-fledged Medical Specialist programs on English, including:
  • General Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentisty
As well as undergraduate degrees, a plethora of postgraduate courses are also provided for students who want to focus on a specialty. Courses on offer include:
  • Cardiovascular surgery
  • Gynaecology
  • Neurology
For the convenience of our students we also provide online prep-year in Chemistry, Biology and Russian.

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N. N. Karyakin

N. N. Karyakin

Rector of PRMU

Dear graduated students!
Now your dreams have come true – you have become a medical student. From now on, your life will be related to Medicine, the most humane and noble science and profession.
Privolzhsky Research Medical University trains medical, science and academic staff to meet up-to-date requirements in the areas of public health practice and medical science. To become a real doctor, you must be prepared to work hard at the university departments and clinical sites where experienced and gifted teachers – experts in the field! – will teach you. The university has good training facilities and operational research equipment available. It also arranges for the students to have internships at the largest hospitals of the city and leading clinical centers abroad.
It is a challenge to study at this university, since a doctor always sets the bar high in terms of profession, morals and ethics. Being a medical student, you cannot do badly at university or fail to improve your skills. You are familiar with the Code of Conduct for PRMU students which outlines core ethical values for a future doctor. Please honour them and be worthy of the university – well-reputed in the country and globally, – share and cherish its traditions and glory.
Through hardships to the stars! Per aspera ad astra!

Through hardships to the stars! Per aspera ad astra!

Why choosing us?

While teaching begins in the classroom, PRMU is also associated with many teaching hospitals throughout the city, such as the Regional Pediatric Hospital and the Institute for Pediatric Research. Thus, students have the opportunity to learn many basic clinical skills in practice.

PRMU has 6 modern accommodations. Students get spacious rooms (on a sharing basis) along with all furniture and bed linen. Although rooms are equipped with kitchens for students who like to prepare their own food, there are cafes and canteens within the building.

There are also great facilities for sports enthusiasts, including a sports complex, which houses a gymnasium, athletic stadium and an indoor space for football, badminton, tennis and volleyball.

University provides its students with the opportunity to participate in international exchange programmers. PRMU has more than 7479 students on its campus, and more than 25 per cent of the students are international hailing from more than 42 countries. Nowadays PRMU cooperates with a large number of international Universities from Iran, Syria, Turkey, Malaysia, Egypt, India, Armenia, Uzbekistan and many others

PRMU is included in a number of international rankings:

Times Higher Education (THE) World Higher Education Ranking

Ranking of the best universities in Russia RAEX-100, 2022

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